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The most interesting thing about this research on Chester A. Reed’s life is the great source of information that allowed me to analyze his life and to document this website. (1)

Analyze his life and to document this website. (1) It is hard to express how I felt when I discovered snippets of information that led to a hidden door on the forgotten character’s history.

For that reason, I put together this Photo Gallery to share some of the documents and drawings that I could access and to pass on the pleasure of my discovery.

It featured many original drawings made by Chester, as well as some produced by Mr. Harry F. Harvey(section E).

Important fact: Chester A. Reed probably produced the magazines publicity edited by Charles K. Reed. To consult question 3 of the section "For the most curious").

It is impossible to dissociate between Chester A. Reed’s and Charles K. Reed’s productions. They had great complicity and were very effective, which probably explains Chester A. Reed’s success in ornithology literature at the time.

The section is a tribute to their role in the history of ornithology at the beginning of the 20th century.


A- American Ornithology – Color Chart – 1902 – 1904

B- Color drawings published by Chester A. Reed in the magazine “American Ornithology” between 1902 and 1906.

C- Series of 12 postcards in black and white, 1908

D- Series of 18 postcards in color, 1909 (Original drawings)

E- Series of 50 animals postcards in color, 1914 (Original drawings)

F- Series of 50 flowers postcards in color, 1915

G- Series of 80 mini cards for schools, 1914 (Original drawings)

H- Catalogue 1897-1898 (approximately)

I- Catalogue Convex Glass Artistic Taxidermy - 1897 - 1898 (approximately)

J- Catalogue "Would You Kill or protect our Birds" 1906

K- Catalogue "Reed’s Bird Store" 1908 – 1909 (approximately)

L- Catalogue "Nature Books" 1909 (approximately)

M- Catalogue "Nature Guides" 1911 (approximately)

N- Catalogue "Glimpses of Nature" 1912 (approximately)

O- Catalogue"Nature Book Colored Illustrations" 1914 (approximately)

P- Flyer on the 1915 (approximately)

Q- Flyer on the«Passenger Pigeon», 1910

R- Card game: Game of Wild Birds - Game of Wild Flowers, 1914

S- Catalogue "Nature Books listing" 1911 (approximately)